about designer


Hi! I'm Lillian, the producer and co-host of the podcast "Food Non-Fiction". I have a background in web marketing and graphic design, as well as a passion for podcasts. I spent a lot of time listening to podcasts about podcasting and realized early on that a podcast's cover art is incredibly important. iTunes doesn't feature podcasts with weak art. You've put so much work into your podcat, now let me take care of the art. I love what I do and I'm fully committed to making my clients very happy.



about brand bear


Brand Bear was built with love and care.  Every pixel was brushed and polished 'til they shone with pride.  Brand Bear always appears with his back to the camera.  This is because he's always there to get a job done - not to outshine his work with his adorable furry muzzle.

Brand Bear is all about giving our clients a fresh look - to reinvigorate passion and to reinforce mottos.  We're people-pleasers...we want to get the job done right.  And we're open-minded.  If it's simple and elegant you want - you got it.  If it's all kinds of fancy you want - you got it.  And of course, everything in between is cool with us too.

We've got a background in old-school mediums, such as sketch and pastels.  This helps inspire us in creating wonderful works in digital form.